CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

COOL! Today we get a first hand look at a brand-new-not-yet-released-for-sale product from CM STORM, a division of CoolerMaster. This is the CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse. A highly customizable mouse that promises to maximize your gaming experience! Lets get to gaming and see what this wonder can do!

 Provided by: CM STORM
Price: TBD

Closer Look:

Lets get the packaging and specs out of the way then see what this baby can do!

Here we can see a minimal amount of packaging and a clear presentation of the mouse itself.  The front of the package is packed with information.  Down the right side we have all the icons giving a glimpse into the CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse.  At the top of the package a huge 5600 DPI claim jumps out at us.  Could they really have packed that much DPI into this cool looking mouse?  We will find out!

 The back of the package gives us a good look at the many features of the CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse and some cool pics to visually show us these features.

Here we can see the mouse itself, the mini CD with all the drivers and manual, and CM STORM’s innovative Storm Guard, a PCI slot device to loop your mouse cord and lock the mouse to your computer.

And here are two pictures of the CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse where you can see the 8 customizable buttons on this ergonomic mouse.  You can also see the fabric cord that protects the cable of this unobtrusive, yet deadly mouse.

 In this picture you can see some of what makes this mouse so special.  We have 5 4.5g weights so you can adjust the weight of this mouse for your own needs.  We see the Twin Tactical Laser Sensor.  And look at those slide pads!  Front, back and all the way down both sides!  The CM STORM Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse looks like its made to glide like ice on a hot piece of glass!
 Lastly, lets see this baby all lit up!
On to the Specs!

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