Cooler Master Choiix Accu Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse Review

This is another fine Cooler Master product the Choiix Accu-Mouse.  Many wireless mouse have entered the market over the years.  This particular one has a few features to discuss.  In this review we take a look how this works with our lap top.  With real world work and some fun as well.  I trust you will find this review enlightening and an aid for you to decide if this is the wireless mouse for you. Let us have a look at this Choiix Accu-Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse.




Provided by:  Cooler Master

Price: $24.99

Closer Look:


del C-WM01-W2 (White, Gray w/ green scroll wheel)

Type 2.5GHz wireless
CPI Resolution 1200 dpi
Interface Mini USB dongle receiver
Battery 2 x AAA batteries
Battery Life 6+ months
LED Indicator LED light indicates low battery life
Operational Distance 5M
Compatibility PC & Mac
Buttons 3


To begin I browsed the internet, checked email and did some simple drawings in paint. I wanted to test the common usages of this new mouse. Most likely you will leave this mouse installed at all times.  It is handy leaving the dongle in and having the option of going wirelssly.  I have not really owned a wireless mouse for long.  I think this one is a keeper. Comparing it to my common department store mouse, well, it does a fine job. . Feel and sensitivity are excellent on the Choiix Accu-Mouse Optical Mouse. The dpi setting is touchy but easy to adjust to. While drawing in paint the mouse is accurate and smooth.  Let me break it down.

Overall use and comparison:

It is a well rounded peice of hardware. Superior to a standard mouse in many ways. You may not believe it is worth the investment until you try it. Smooth operating always accurate.  It is usable for Mac and PC. It is clean looking and user friendly. Rating 9 out of10, 10 being wonderful.
Common Mouse: 4
Choiix Accu-Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse: 7

Here is a concern is when purchasing a mouse. Using the Choiix Accu-Mouse in game mode. Somewhat difficult to adjust to in fast action games. You usually require dpi adjustment during fast action gameplay just to change between sequences. Such as getting into a vehicle or scrolling around a map etc. Hence this mouse by cooler master was acceptable for gaming, it has a realatively high dpi setting.  This is a smaller mouse for portability which leads us into comfort next.

Common Mouse: 3
Choixx Accu-Mouse Optical Mouse: 6


Yes this Choiix Mouse is ergonimic so it is usefull for even office use. I said I enjoyed even basic functions with this mouse. Browsing and word processing, everything is accurate and easy to use. I can certainly apprectiate the finish as well it is sleek with smooth left and right button action a good scroller wheel as well. The grip is good and it feels like you have stepped up a few notches in your mouse. All in all you will thoroughly enjoy this product.  I do enjoy a standard size mouse myself have large size hands.  Women or smaller handed males may enjoy this mouse more.  I see many women in office environments preferr this smaller size mouse even on their PC.
Common Mouse: 4
Choiix Accu-Mouse Optical Mouse: 8


I have had a number of computer mouse (mice). Some of you will agree a bad mouse is really really irritating. A good mouse is like your best friend. It is an important tool and not one to purchase in haste. I will say to you I did appreciate this mouse. User friendly and as comfortable for a smaller mouse.  It does have advantages over a corded mouse of course. Oh and the two colour choices and dpi setting on this mouse are enjoyable.

Would I recommend this mouse? For a certanty. If you want a mouse for carrying along with your lap top you can’t go wrong with the Choiix Wireless mouse. It is inexpensive and works well.


  • Comfort
  • Useabiltiy
  • Functions
  • Appearance
  • Texture
  • Accuracy


  • Dpi is a tad fast for every day use but workable

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