NZXT Internal USB Expansion Review

This week we have an intriguing new product from NZXT. This is the NZXT Internal USB Expansion device. For only the cost of 1 USB connector on your mother board you get 2 external USB ports and connections for 3 internal ports (each supporting 2 external USB ports) for a total of 8 addtional USB ports! The main appeal of this product will be to the hard core gamers who just don’t seem to have enough USB ports or are worried about drawing to much power from their motherboards. The NZXT Internal USB Expansion will solve those concerns.

Provided by NZXT

Price:  $19.99 MSRP

Ok!  Lets take a good look at today’s cool product from NZXT.  This is the NZXT Internal USB Expansion device.  If you have an older system with just not enough USB ports, or are a Hard Core gamer who needs additional powered USB ports for all those USB devices, the NZXT Internal USB Expansion is right up your alley.  

As you can see in this picture below, the NZXT Internal USB Expansion provides 2 ready to use USB ports for your rarely removed USB items such as a wireless dongle for your keyboard or mouse, or a bluetooth receiver.  There are also three external connections that will support 2 USB ports each.  All 8 ports are powered not by the motherboard, but by power taken straight from your power supply.  Since we all know that power equals heat, removing this power drain from the motherboard may decrease the heat generated by your motherboard.  It will also solve any power spikes you may have had as a result of to many power hungry devices plugged into your USB ports.

Included with the NZXT Internal USB Expansion is a 21” cable, the power connection to your power supply, and an instruction sheet.

The 21” long cable allows you to place the NZXT Internal USB Expansion anywhere within your case.


  • 6 Internal USB expansion  
  • 2 External USB expansion  
  • Dedicated power from power supply  
  • Plug and use, no drivers needed

On to testing:

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