Playseat Executive RaceSeat Gaming Office Chair Review

Gaming chairs have always been a bit of a luxury item, unless you are a hardcore gamer chances are if you buy one it might end up either being stowed away in storage or become part of your permanent furniture. This is where the Playseat Executive RaceSeat Gaming Office Chair comes in. This chair offers you all the fun of a FlightSeat, or RaceSeat while coupling it with standard office chair functionality all of the cost of a middle range office chair price. I am currently sitting on a $1400 office chair and it is a nice chair, good support, keeps my back straight but the honest truth is that it is overpriced and it does little more then hold me up. Let’s get a good look at the Playseat Executive RaceSeat Gaming Office Chair and see if this will be the be-all-end-all of office chairs in our future:


Provided by: PlaySeat

Price: $489.00 (shipped)

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

TURN YOUR OFFICE OR WORKPLACE INTO A RACING OR LAPTOP STATION IN SECONDS ! Introducing the Playseat Executive. This cool, work oriented office chair is eloquently styled after our dynamic Playseat race seat design, yet sophisticated enough to use wherever you work or study. Easily interchanges from a luxurious everyday office chair into a dynamic racing or laptop seat in seconds with the attachment of the super industrial, center support arm which allows for perfect ergonomic placement of your race wheel peripheral and/or laptop. Seat support offers extra strong, heavyweight, powder coated steel swivel chair mechanism with a seat height adjustment and locking back bar for any preferred seat angle, a top quality height adjustable Gas Spring and Anodized aluminum legs with high quality wheels. For home or office use, but also great for showrooms, meeting rooms and lounge areas as well!

-Compatible with most console and PC peripherals, steering wheel/pedals and flight stick sets on the market.

-Patented foldable racing seat with fully adjustable silver or black-coated steel framework.
-Seat upholstered with high quality vinyl, which has a leather look and feel.
-Black or colour patches, black grommets and full double stitching.

-Ages 14+
-Recommended  user length: minimum 120 cm/ 47 inches – maximum 220 cm/ 87 inches.
-Recommended user weight: minimum 20 kg/ 46 lbs – maximum 122 kg/ 270 lbs.
-Measurement assembled (WxH) 50×98 cm/ 20×39 inches.
-Net weight 28.8 kg/ 62.65 lbs

*Wheel/Pedal Set Not Included

I can already hear a lot of you saying “$489! That’s insane!” Chances are you picked your office chair up at Walmart or some other boxed store and have never gone out and looked at how much a quality office chair can cost. The equivalent to the comfort and functionality of the Playseat Executive RaceSeat Gaming Office Chair would easily run you into the $800 area and it would not have the ability to use a gaming wheel, flightstick, or prop your laptop on. This chair doubles as a desk for your laptop and would be great for anyone in a confined apartment, dorm room, or getting a couple of them and setting up a LAN party in your bedroom. Like I said before a gaming seat is a luxury and may not be for everyone but as far as price goes, these chairs are built like tanks, comfortable, customizable (modular design), and look awesome!

Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you are in the market for a gaming seat or an extremely comfortable office chair then the Playseat Executive RaceSeat Gaming Office Chair is the best bet for you.



  • Comfortable
  • Fun
  • Looks Awesome
  •  Very Well Built
  • Modular Design For Expansion
  • Customizable to Just About any Body Type


  • If you are Used to Walmart Than $489 is too Much for you 

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