Playseat Flightseat Flight Simulator Gaming Chair Review love comfort, but hardcore gamers like hardcore comfort. The People at PlaySeat know what it takes to appease the hardcore enthusiast gamer and as such they also make some of the best products for serious simulator gamers to date. Today we will be looking at the PlaySeat FlightSeat which is a seriously impressive consumer product geared towards enthusiast flight simulator gamers. Let’s get a closer look at the PlaySeat FlightSeat:

Provided by: PlaySeat

Price: $469.78

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Infinity Reclining Seat: Extra strong, lightweight, powder coated tubular steel frame with high-tension spring and wire system. High profile side bolsters with Ultra high-density foam; fully upholstered in Alcantara Suede fabric and synthetic leather reinforcements in the high wearing areas. Removable seat back and Patented foldable system in the back of the seat for easy and fast storage. The fingertip controlled reclining mechanism allows the seat back to be adjusted to the ultimate driving position. Playseats reclining technology allows with just the lift of the lever, the seat back to be immediately returned to the full upright position. Will fit up to a 42-inch waist.

Seat chassis and side controller support: Extra strong, heavyweight, powder coated steel chassis with
Anodized aluminum side construction for fully adjustable side support of flight stick and throttle. Both side support plates are horizontally and vertically adjustable, which enable the pilot to adjust the equipment according to preferred flying position.

Center flight stick or yoke support: New patented fully adjustable steering support with aluminum quick
release handle for easy adjustment of height and length and universal flight stick or yoke platform for almost all wheels in the market. New designed extra strong, powder coated triangle tubing with extra space for putting thought all wiring and PU tube protection between tubes to avoid scratching of the powder coating.

Product Characteristics

  • Compatible with most electronic flight sticks throttle and yoke sets on the market.
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort.
  • Used by all professional pilots and sim flight professionals.
  • Age 14+.
  • Recommended drivers weight: minimum 20 kg/ 46 lbs – maximum 122 kg/ 270 lbs.
  • Net product weight 22,5 kg/ 50 lbs.

Consoles and joystick ARE NOT INCLUDED



In order to test out the Playseat Flight Simulator Seat I used it…I know surprising but true. I called up a bunch of buddies hooked one of my gaming rigs up to my 52 inch Samsung and we gamed for several hours and then started up again the following day and did it all over again. For tom Clacy’s H.A.W.X there is NO other way to play. The gaming seat made it so much more interesting and fun. The seat was extremely comfortable and the ability to customize positioning of the joystick made it an even more entertaining event.

I have to admit I was not a big fan of H.A.W.X and I wasn’t much of a major flight sim player either, that is until the people at PlaySeat got a hold of me to review their product. To be honest reviewing products has taken over my life and I don’t have a lot of time to game unless it is for reviewing a certain product but since I received the PlaySeat FlightSeat I have been taking time aside just to squeeze a round in every now and then. Sure this has affected my productivity but I don’t care.

Now back to testing: as I said we used it for several hours in total, during this time no one complained of in being uncomfortable. In fact I have a leather armchair that cost me a pretty penny and it is extremely comfortable and my kids and others have been sitting in the PlaySeat for console gaming and watching TV since I set it up and have not been fighting over “my chair” anymore. I do get more time in my leather arm chair now but I am finding that it is proving difficult to sit in the Playseat when people are around. At anyrate the PlaySeat FlightSeat is a great well built product and it tested better than I had initially expected (being that I am a cynic and almost always sceptical of new ideas).


Overall the PlaySeat FlightSeat is the best gaming chair I have ever used. Though it is seemingly quite simple in design it has everything you need for simple solid game play and everything is well built and completely functional. There is nothing I can personally say is wrong with this seat and by no means is there anything useless on it either. It is by definition the perfect representation of minimalist design without loss of function.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, while it won’t be for everyone it is by far the best choice in my opinion for anyone looking for a gaming chair. The best part is that if you need and extra chair or need it to move out of the way in a hurry it can transform in a pinch.


  • Well Built
  • Comfortable
  • Tools Included
  • Easy to Fallow Instructions
  • Looks Awesome!
  • Folds Away Easily


  • I Would Love to see a Footstool Attachment (but that is not really a con, as much as it is a request)
  • Wish it Leaned Back a Little More

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