Thermaltake Challenger Gaming Keyboard Pro Review keyboards have been a great market for Logitech and Ideazone (AKA SteelSeries). Since their initiation into the market, their blinky lights have won the heart of gamers all around the world. For me personally I have found gaming keyboard cumbersome and obnoxious and most of the time I found myself deeply confused about what else to add to my huge bank of macro keys. Then Logitech came out with and LCD panel and I will admit that was really cool, on paper, then in practicality, I haven’t looked at my G15’s LCD display since the first week I bought it. Thermaltake took their time before tossing their hat into the gaming peripheral ring and again on paper it seems like all the patience paid off but let’s see if the features on the Thermaltake Challenger eSport Gaming Keyboard Pro really do add up to a win for Thermaltake or a big cumbersome lump of blinky uselessness:


Provided by: ThermaltakeUSA

Price: $69.99

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Keyboard Specifications:
Interface: USB
Operational Systems: Windows 8/Vista/XP
Number of Macro Keys: 10
Number of Multimedia Keys: 6
Switch Lifecycle: 10 Million
Cable Length: 2m
Body Dimension (LxWxH): 505mm x 195mm x 27mm
USB 2.0 Ports: 2


Fan Specifications:
Fan Speed: 6,000 RPM(±15%)
Max. airflow:: 2.7CFM
Noise level: 21.7dB
Rate voltage: DC 5.0V
Life expectancy: 50,000 HRS
Body dimension (LxWxH): 30mm x 30mm x 10mm

  • Red Illumination Back Light Design simulates true-to-life gaming atmosphere
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Ports provides easy usage of other USB peripherals. Each USB port supp9orts up to 100mA
  • User Interface provides 4 game profiles with each profile up to 10 single or macro keys
  • Macro Keys allow programmed combined actions in a quick “T” button to make a move ahead of other gamers
  • Multimedia Keys – Instant access to multimedia function for quick audio control
  • 64KB on-board Memory – Storage of up to 40 macro keys for action, shooting, RPG or Strategy Games.
  • On-board Profile Switch – To engage for instant game changes
  • Backlight Switch allows gamers to choose the different levels of lighting depending on the mood
  • Fan Device – cooling fan not only keeps your hand dry and provides comfortable gaming experience.
  • Windows Dummy Keycaps – Enclosed with two Windows keys to disable the function; prevent from jumping out of the game by accident.
  • Smart Cable Management with detachable cable design protects cable from damage of improper use. For easy storage and cable protection
  • 8 Additional removable keycaps – Additional W,A,S,D, and four directional arrow keys for durable gaming alternative.


How to test a gaming keyboard. Well for starters do some gaming with it. My over all experience with the keyboard was quite good I loved the feel and short key press. The tactile response was very nice. The software was very user friendly and the overall look of this keyboard is beautiful. The backlighting is perfect, it is not straining or distracting.

As for helping with gaming it actually makes a big difference the placement of the keys is perfect for quick keying in rts’s and very intuitive for FPS’s. After hours of gaming my wrists and finger didn’t hurt which is very big gold star in my books.

Now the clincher. When it comes to a keyboard for gaming, gaming is always second in line in my books. I need a functional keyboard, I am not going to drop $70+ on a keyboard unless it does everything, and switching between keyboards just isn’t going to happen. So because I do a lot of typing I need a keyboard that is fast, has great tactical response, and is comfortable. The Thermaltake Challenger eSport Gaming Keyboard Pro did everything I wanted it to. It has a short press for speed, nice soft tactile response that still lets you know you pressed something, and it is very comfortable the G15 I have at my home office doesn’t have any of these niceties. It’s bulky, cheap feeling, and not very responsive.


Overall Thermatakes design department (as always) knows what they are doing.  This keyboard out performed every other gaming keyboard I have ever used. All the other keyboards I tried had the same plastic cheap keyboard feel, whereas this one (although it is still made of plastic) has a genuinely, well thought out keyboard design with quality feel. It is both comfortable and functional. This keyboard is much more than just a blinky pile of uselessness and I would recommend it to anyone including non gamers that just want a very well built keyboard with great features.


  • Price
  • Quality
  • LED’s
  • USB Hub Built in 
  • Fan Cools Quite Well Surprisingly


  • None I can Think of 

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