Thermaltake EMP0001SLS Tt eSports DASHER Gaming Mouse Pad Review

This extra-large mousepad’s stated purpose on their website is for gaming in Massively-Multiplayer-Online Role-playing-Games and Real-Time-Strategy games, but in use is very suitable for First Person-Shooter gaming.


Provided by: Thermaltake USA

Price: 19.99

Specifications and Features:

Dimension    (LxWxH): 400x 320x 4mm
Material    Cloth Weave surface with rubber base


Enlarged mouse pad size
Provides maximum gaming working space
Cloth Weave surface
Provides low sensitivity surface control
Rubber based
Features anti-slippery function to make sure that mouse pad is fully attached to table surface

I tested this mousepad for 24 hours in the FPS shootouts & sprawling, non-linear role-play of Fallout 3, and a hundred hours of everyday use in video editing, photoshop, and word processing. I assessed its comfort by noting wrist strain during these periods; as compared to what I generally experience using a standard-type mousepad for similar durations. I compared it with an ostensibly similar product, a standard spandex-covered, rubber mousepad.

The large size and silky smoothness of the Thermaltake Dasher mousepad translates during First-Person-Shooter gaming to smooth deliberate movement & for me, faster aiming.

My unremarkable LED mouse picks up subtle motion more predictably than I’m normal when I use this mousepad. When in a first-person perspective I found had to consciously remember to use the whole mouse pad when turning around in-game, since I’m not used to gaming on a double-size mousepad. Silk on a mousepad is a wise choice Thermaltake, its an improvement to mousepads

It improves my gameplay to a noticeable degree over my old mousepad, its easier to run up stairs or get my character aimed at whomever is unexpectedly shooting at me from behind. It’s smoothness does take some getting used to, sometimes the mouse moves a bit further than I meant to and I miss a headshot – but this kind of user error trailed off over time, and i’m sure that for every time i miss there are 3 more times that my aim was improved by this mousepad. but any change in the way your mouse responds will take a little getting used to.

In regular office use the mousepad’s smoothness seemed to result in slightly less wrist strain, and slightly less mis-clicking, but for me the surface didn’t seem to dramatically improve mouse accuracy or comfort in any environments outside fast-paced gaming. if you don’t use a graphics tablet to draw selection boundaries in photoshop, the large size might make it easier to draw accurate boundaries.

The Thermaltake Dasher mousepad comes rolled up in a box with a tidy velcro tie and a fabric bag for it to slip into when all rolled up. i’m assuming this is for when bringing it to a LAN party.

Personally I don’t like that it came rolled up since it has a subtle raised hump. It’s solely an aesthetics thing, as the weight of the lightest mouse flattens the hump down so that I never felt the hump when I ran the mouse over it. — but they may have thought about this subtle hump, and its on the far right side of a very large mousepad which you likely wont even use unless you’re left-handed – in which case you could just rotate the mousepad 180 degrees. it probably eventually goes away if always left on your desk – but in 3 weeks it didn’t go away completely.

An oversight in my view is that a large, squishy wrist rest isn’t part of the deal. However, if you already have a wrist rest for your mouse hand, then this is probably the product for you.

I’ve rarely found wrist rests that are well designed for ergonomics. Many actually seem to be just firm enough to mould to the wrist and therefore actually cut off circulation. so, since you usually need to try them to know if they’re any good, perhaps its better to separately buy one…

Would I recommend this product? It is slightly smoother than most mousepads, perhaps its a nearly ideal balance between steadiness and slickness, but it may not change your game. If you are satisfied with your current mousepad and don’t find yourself wanting a larger one, then this one probably isn’t that different from it, but if you’re looking for a new one this is inexpensive, large and suitable for gaming.


  • large size makes for more free mouse movement – if you remember to use it
  • silk top surface makes for smoother and more predictable mouse movement
  • inexpensive
  • at 4mm height, it wont cramp space in a keyboard tray under your desk.
  • comes with a velcro tie and a bag for carrying it rolled up


  • no soft gel wrist rest,
  • sold rolled up, causing it to have a subtle hump on the far right side
  • it isn’t dramatically superior to other mousepads


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