Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW Skateboard Controller for the Wii Review video games and fitness was one of the smartest things Nintendo ever did. Initial interest in the system was piqued when the first sports related titles started coming out in which the players became fully immersed in the gaming experience by the use of a motion based controller system. Then the beloved balance board came out. Wii fit was a huge hit for people that found working out boring, once the balance board hit the market so did a number of killer games that utilized its new found abilities. One of which is Skate, it is the first decent game out side of the arcade to incorporate a board based peripheral system. Thrustmaster has made its name known for making something great even better and to follow suit they released the new Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW Skateboard peripheral for the Wii’s Balance board. Let’s get a look at it:


Provided by: Thrustmaster

Price: $24.24

Closer Look:




Specifications and Features:



  • A surfboard for surfing in your home with the Nintendo® Balance Board
  • Ultra realistic : step on the T-Freestyle NW and move the board from one side to the other, thanks to the mechanical system, following the curves of the track
  • Safe fun: an exclusive system prevents tipping
  • Plug & Play: simply clip the T-Freestyle NW onto the Balance Board™ to start playing
  • Board made from genuine maple wood, like real-life boards, for ultra-realistic sensations
  • Ideal for all surfing games
  • * Wii Balance Board not supplied



So what do I have to say about this board? its great makes skateboarding games a lot more involved, the price is definitely right. Is it the most amazing thing I have ever seen? No; is it a great and well executed idea? Yup. I personally liked the products quite a bit it was fun to use and provided a more interesting “feel” to gameplay.

Would I recommend this product? If you are a major skateboarding game enthusiast then yes its under $25 you can’t go wrong. I would however suggest being careful I was a skater in high school and Lotsaentertainment (the teenager in the video) is into skateboarding, so the urge to actually ollie and kickflip is hard to get out of your mind when you are on something that mimics a skateboard so well. So keep this in mind and make sure you don’t try to ollie your balance board, it can be hard to get warranty when you completely obliterate something….


  • Great Prices 
  • Well Built
  • Fun
  • Responsive
  • More Comfortable than the Balance Board


  • Needs More Designs I am Sick of Skulls Personally, 80’s Should Just Die Already (but if you like it great)


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