Verbatim Easy Riser™ Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse

Let’s say that you have a laptop or netbook or some other mobile device of the kind, and you are starting to find that you don’t really like the track pad and rocker buttons. Now this could be for many reasons but let’s just say that it could be for one of two main reasons. It could be 1) the track pad or whatever your laptop uses to move the mouse cursor is starting to wear out and so are the mouse buttons or 2) you have finally admitted that track pads suck and you want a real mouse. Now it might not have been one of those two reasons but either way you’re looking for a real mouse. Well some are really small and don’t fit everyone’s hands, well why not take a look at the Verbatim Adjust and Go. With this mouse you have the ability to easily store it in almost any travel bag and it can adjust its height to suit different peoples need. Let’s take a closer look at this wireless mouse:

Product Provided By: Verbatim

Price:$24.99 (

Closer Look:

Features & Benefits


Easy Riser™ – Adjustable mouse height for improved ergonomics


Ultra-Slim Design – Designed for portability to fit easily and travel well.

  Nano Slot – Convenient nano receiver storage for when you need it.

Nano Wireless Receiver – Small enough to plug in once and leave connected. 2.4GHz reliability and performanc


For testing I decided what better way to test it than to take it to work, it’s not meant to be a gaming mouse so I thought best not to test it in this area. I decided to install the provided software that came with the mouse and found that it had a couple of helpful options. One is the ability to change how many lines the scroll wheel jumps when used and the other is the ability to change the function of the middle button to a wide variety of options.

Throughout the day I found that the Verbatim Adjust and Go Wireless Laser Mouse was far better than the standard box mouse that most people have provided for them at their work stations. I found that this mouse was very responsive and accurate because of its laser sensor.  In the above video I mentioned one of this mouse’s main features is to adjust its height on the fly, and I know I said it didn’t look like much but that slight rise does make a huge change when trying to use it. I found that when in its low profile setting it was easy to use but to rest my hand on it didn’t feel quite right for me personally, but as soon as I raised it up it felt much better and that I could use it all day. Something I feel I should mention is that unlike the other Verbatim mice that I have tested this one doesn’t have a standby mode which turns it off automatically until you need it again so just to keep that in mind that if you plan on walking away for a little bit you might want to think about turning the mouse off till needed. I should mention that in the time i started this review i had accedently left on the mouse for almost a week so the stand by just might not be like the others and starts up on movement rather than a button click.


In the end I found that this was a pretty good mouse, especially if it was to be used with a laptop or netbook.  I liked the fact that even though the USB dongle is quite small it is easily stored in the base of the mouse and locked into place when the mouse it fully collapsed. I also liked that it can simple be adjusted to better suit your hand type better.

As mentioned one thing that I didn’t really like about this mouse was that it doesn’t ampere to have a standby mode while turned on. However if you are using this mouse with a laptop or netbook then you are most likely only going to be using it while you are using you device of choice and most likely won’t just be leaving it alone for extended periods of time.

So in the end would I recommend this mouse? Well if you are either looking for something small and easy to take with you and isn’t one of those tiny micro USB mice then you should consider the Verbatim Adjust and Go Wireless Laser Mouse. It comes with everything you need to work it. The USB dongle can be securely stored in the mouse itself, and it collapses to a low profile setting that can be easily stored in your laptop bag.


  • Compact, easy to store and carry with yo
  • Reasonably priced
  • smooth quick responce to movement
  • adjustable hight
  • Found no “phantom movement” with it


  • Not sure about stand by mode

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