Verbatim Tune Board speaker keyboard review

Speaker keyboards, this is new!  I do understand the concept, less desk space taken up by speakers.  This is good market timing, with the idea of more compact computers creeping into the market.
How well do they work?  What is the functionality of this keyboard?  How about the space saving, is it compact?  Let us take a look at Verbatim’s Tune Board that came onto the market this year.



Product Provided by: Verbatim
Price: $69.99 USD

Closer Look:




USB 2.0;USB 1.1
OperatingSystem Windows XP,2000Vista





Package includes:
Keyboard, Quick Start Guide
Features and Benefits:
Speakers – Integrated dual speaker system for stereo sound
Illumination – Backlit keys improve key visibility in low light
Music Control – Play, Pause … control your tunes from the Media Console
Sound Control – Control volume and boost the bass with easy keys



Trying this unit out, first thing is the keyboard is excellent. Pretty blue under keypad lights, which can be turned off or on with the top left button.  The sound control button puts on a bass boost.  Music controls function well.  I plugged in a headset and microphone and it is controlled with the sound control.  Mute and volume all work well and the sound is clear.
I will have to note the speakers are not excellent quality but they function as they should.  It is certainly a space saving keyboard.  It takes up only a couple more inches of desk space than a normal keyboard.  There is a Mac model as well.

Allow me to break down and rate the main functions of the Verbartim Tune Board.
Typing: smooth keypad, nicely backlit for evening use;  8 out of 10
Multi-Media Controls:  all controls are well labeled not all are lighted but they are all functional and useful; 6 out of 10
Sound Quality:  well hear is the real Achilles heal of the tune board; it is clear but only at low volume;  4 out of 10

Final thoughts anyone?



This is a smooth feeling and functional keyboard.  It is excellent looking and the blue back lighting is actually an asset.  The back light can be turned off should you not require it. The bass boost works but really doesn’t make a noticeable difference in bass, only in volume.  I am somewhat of an audiophile guy so I really prefer to use my desktop speakers and sub woofer.  If it is that space is a series factor I would say, consider this keyboard.  Though I think they should work on the speaker quality.

Would I recommend this product?  Yes I could actually recommend it for its usefulness. It has the headset and microphone inputs which can make up for the lack in quality of the speakers.  They keyboard itself is good quality and nice looking.  Those of you with crowed desks would find this product an asset.  It definitely fits a need in the market.  Just use a headset if you like better sound quality.

  • Space saving
  • Many functions headset/microphone inputs volume controls etc.
  • Good quality keyboard
  • Appealing to look at especially with the backlighting


  • Poor speaker quality
  • Price is a bit high for some


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