X Arcade Solo Arcade Peripheral Review

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRsPcvvXqa3hzu73J7vNMKSEqqDIJAfbuGsH4KMtBvHmFl2yWs&t=1&usg=__1cg-NYndmdRfTexZ6K5SxEfLdJs=Gaming these days has changed a lot for the most part FPS’s are the lion’s share of the market and closely fallowing that is any game with a huge budget for graphics, voice acting, and epic story lines. Whatever happened to the glorious days of 2D action? You would sit down with your buddies or run out to the arcade and do the good ol’ “man or Level” turn strategy. Well all is not lost with some beautiful games coming out like the Street Fighter IV the good ‘ol days of arcade gaming are not lost forever. There is still a huge cult fallowing of Arcade enthusiasts and no one knows this better then the people at X Arcade. Today we will be taking a look at the X Arcade Solo and we’ll see if this true to life joystick button combo will bring back all those nostalgic feelings you crave:


Provided by: X Arcade

Price: $99.95

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

  • Authentic Arcade Joysticks And Buttons
  • Dominate Online Network Play
  • Pull Off Crushing Combinations In Fighting Games
  • Fully Compatible With Emulation Software To Relive Arcade Classics
  • Download Your Favorite Arcade Games Of All Time
  • Add-On Adapters Work On Any Game System PC, or Mac™
  • Features Redesigned Buttons, Switches & Joysticks
  • Fully Programmable Buttons Allow You To Customize The Experience
  • NEW Layout: Joystick Aligned With 2nd Row Of Buttons
  • Withstand Thousands Of Hours Of Button Smashing Action
  • Precise Sensors Ensure Competition Grade Accuracy And Precision
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions (inches): Approx: 17×10. Base 13×8 8lbs.

Game experts around the world have already crowned the X-Arcade™ as the best arcade joystick available, but you might be wondering what kind of performance you’ll experience with this indestructible beast.

Imagine the smooth marriage of ultra-fast electronics and meticulously engineered components coalescing to provide the conclusive weapon for your gaming battles.

Using your entire hands, not just those tiny-thumbs, you’ll experience the real arcade feel of lighting-fast buttons and agile joysticks with the instantaneous execution of your movements.

Acheive Superhuman Performance In Your Fighting Games…

X-Arcade Solo Joystick



So how do you test this thing? Well, you use it! I never thought I missed the arcade as much as I did when I tried this thing out. I love the X Arcade Solo and all it represents. There is nothing that comes close with all the fancy motion controls and simulation riddled games out there right to the feeling of a well build arcade style joystick. It makes even the lamest (by todays standards) games come back to being fun to play and new games even better. I have used the Mad Cats arcade controllers in the past and they were by far better than your standard controller but they don’t even hold a candle to the build quality and feel of an X Arcade Gaming Setup. My only con would be that I don’t have the tank stick which lets you play with a buddy otherwise this setup is killer!



Overall the X Arcade Solo is the next best thing to actually playing in an arcade, actually on second thought, it is better…I have a 55 inch plasma the beats the heck out of the old CRT’s at the arcade. X Gaming.com has got a killer product and if you have any sense you will know that for about $20 more you can have a madcatz version that is only compatible with one system or you can have the solo which is better built cross platform compatible (with optional adapters) and the quality is a lot better.

Would I recommend this product? Yes! If you are an arcade gamer and you don’t have one of these you are seriously missing out.


  • Price
  • Great Build
  • Realistic Arcade Experience
  •  Fun!
  • Brings Back all the Misty Water Colored Memories


  • Wish it was the Tank Version (2 Player) But it is Still Awesome


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