Xtracpads Ripper XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Comfort is something gamers never take for granted; that is why post gamers opt for the soft mouse pads instead of the hard surface choices out there. But why does the mouse get all the comfort? What about the rest of your desk? What if there was a way to turn the entire surface of your desk into one big comfortable mouse pad of soft goodness? Well that is exactly what we will be looking into today with the latest Gaming pad from Xtracpads. The new ripper XXL is not your momma’s mouse pad this thing is for serious gamers that like serious comfort. Click read more and check it out with me:


Product Provided By: XtracPads

Price: $25.95

Closer Look:




Specifications and Features:

Imagine putting shock absorbers underneath your keyboard/mouse and you will have an idea of the level of comfort you can get from the Ripper XXL.

The XTracPads Ripper XXL is so much more than a mouse pad or mouse mat, it’s a Desktop Experience.

With 36 inches of width (914mm) and 18 in height (457mm) you have plenty of room to play on.

We’ve included a strip of our extra-wide Mad Tape to help reduce friction and lengthen the lifespan of both your mouse and mouse feet.

Mad Tape is designed to fit a wide variety of mouse feet including the Logitech G series as well as other optical and laser mice.

Easy to install, simply wipe your existing mouse feet with the included alcohol wipe, wait about 3 minutes for your mouse feet to dry then size, cut and place the Mad Tape™ directly over your existing mouse feet.

Features: * Silky smooth solid black surface * Quiet operation * Very flexible * HUGE mousing surface * (2) 5″ strips of XTracPads Mad Tape™

Specifications; 36″w x 18″h x 1/8″thick (914mm w X 457mm h) Sure Grip rubber backing Cloth mousing surface

XTracPads Ripper XXL made in USA *mouse/keyboard not included Tested and 100% compatible with the following mice: Logitech: MX300/500/510/518/700/1000, G5, G7, MX series and VX series

Microsoft: Intellimouse Explorer 3.0/4.0 Laser Mouse 6000

Macintosh/Apple: Mighty Mouse



For testing I will be giving an overall comfort speed and control grade for the XtracPads Ripper XXL. I will be putting it up against the Xtrac Logic which I fell in love with from last time. For starters the overall comfort is much better on the Ripper due to the fact that it is a soft mat. I personally use an IMAK ergonomic wrist bean bag which is incredibly comfortable for my mouse hand when I used the ripper I tried it without the IMAK and it was much more comfortable than going bare desk with the logic; plus having the pad under the keyboard was a nice comfort bonus.

The speed on the Logic was much quicker overall and it definitely performs better in fast paced FPS’s that the ripper but the Ripper accompanies with the sliding surface stickers included with it destroyed the logic with a standard mouse surface.

Control was much better, as it usually is, with the soft mat surface of the Ripper XXL. I have always been partial to soft mats right up until Xtrac sent me the logic which I loved. Once I used the Ripper my love returned for the softmats again.


Overall the Ripper is an incredible buy for what you get. Anytime you can get a performance gaming mat for under $30 you are a happy gamer; couple that with the sheer size of the thing and you have a great buy. One thing I should mention is that this thing freakin stinks! That wonderful burning tire mixed with fish smell, but after some airing out it does dissipate, I just thought I would give a warning. The whole new mousepad smell is not exactly like the new car smell. That being said everything else was awesome

Would I recommend this product? Yes, as with every other product Xtrac has put out I fully offer my endorsement. I love the Xtrac product and have yet to be disappointed by them.


  • Price
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Control 
  • Extras
  • Big enough to have room for customizing it for your specific gaming surface.


  • Stinky at first



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