Coolmax USA LCD Power Supply Tester Review

Being a computer enthusiast or serious gamer these days means you will need some serious horsepower. Although having a tricked out 426 HEMI inside your computer case would be cool it wouldn’t be very practical. The horsepower I am speaking of is your power supply. One faulty voltage and your whole system crashes constantly, while you see any glimmer of hope for a stable system fly out the window. Just like in the pit, enthusiasts have tools to make sure that their machines are well-tuned, one of which is usually their trusty digital multi-meter. I for one hate this method of testing my power supplies; it is awkward and can be a shocking hazard. This is where products like the Coolmax USA LCD Power Supply Tester come into play; let’s have a look at this product and see if it is the answer to all of your power supply testing dreams:{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“a625b767-2744-48c0-9b18-31dc34c29a8c”],”srcRootClientId”:””}

Product provided by: Coolmax USA


Closer Look:

The packaging for the Coolmax USA LCD Power Supply Tester is well designed. The flame logo on the front makes me think of retro, circa 1970, styled packaging which is cool in its own right. The back of the packaging has a simple breakdown of the nominal voltages you will wish to achieve during your testing. Also included is a picture of the LCD in use and where each connector is placed. The back packaging also explains the range in which the tester shows voltages, anything outside of this range will result in a beeping error, this will let you know right away if your power supply is damaged.


The device itself is well designed and very simple to use, there is only one button to turn it on. One thing to make mention of for anyone that did not know this; the Coolmax USA LCD Power Supply Tester can turn on your power supply without it being connected to your PC which makes testing very simple.



You can connect a wide variety of connectors to the Coolmax USA LCD Power Supply Tester such as: a 24(or 20)Pin, 6 Pin, 4 pin, Molex, and SATA power connectors.



 Let’s check out the specs and features on the Coolmax USA LCD Power Supply Tester:

Specifications and Features:




Let’s test out this unit and see if it is what you are looking for:

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