Kingwin Lazer 850W Performance Series PSU Review

Today I am not going to come up with some clever story of why I think you should think about buying one, I am just going to point out why the Kingwin Lazer 850W PSU is to date one of my favorite PSUs that I have had the privilege of using. For starters want to point out the three LED settings that this PSU has as well as its Crystal Cube Connectors which glow the same color as the fan LEDs. Not only do these connectors look great but they are also universal meaning that there isn’t specific slots that have to be used for any of the modular cables, and this is just for starters. Let’s move on and take a closer look and see if it functions anywhere near as well as it looks:

Product Provided By: Kingwin

Price: $139.99 (

Closer Look:

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and features:

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