Nexus RX-1K 1000 Watt Power Supply Unit Review

So you just upgraded you system and realized that you forgot that your little power supply can’t produce enough juice to power your system to the full, what do you do? Well you could try getting a bigger power supply which in the end is what you’re going to have to do anyways. So now that you got a bigger power supply you find that it’s to big for your case and that once again you have to make another forced upgrade. Well with the Nexus RX-1K 1000 watt PSU you don’t need to worry about that inconvenience. With this handy little power supply you get the silence that most nexus products are known for, combined with a modular 1000 watt power supply no bigger than a standard sized PSU. Let’s take a closer look at this tiny powerhouse:

Product Provided By: Nexus

Price: $199.99

Closer Look:

Nexus RX-1K 100 watt PSU

Let’s move on to the specs and features:

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