NZXT Premium Extension Cable Review

Have you ever finished that perfect build and thought, “If I only had a little longer cable I could route it here instead of there?” Or perhaps found the only way to get your power cable to the motherboard was straight across the top of your video card? NZXT has the solution! Here are 6 of their sleek, nylon sleeved, extension cables that will make your build picture perfect! With lengths from 150mm to 300mm you can solve almost any cabling issue.


Provided by: NZXT 

Price: $3.99 – $9.99 Newegg

Closer Look:

NZXT has provided us with 6 of their Premium Extension Cables to take a look at.  Below we have a picture of each cable and description of that cable.  Many of the cables I see are loose wires of different colors and/or different colored ends.  NZXT Premium Extension Cables are all black with a compact nylon sleeve over each wire.  The black color will blend into just about any build and the individual sleeved wires will lay flat when run behind the motherboard tray yet provide great flexibility for tight corners.  Heat-shrink from the connector to half an inch up each wire will ensure a strong bond to the connector.

6-pin video card individual sleeved extension cable.  Length: 150mm.  Used to extend your 6-pin PCI express video card cable

3-pin fan extension cable.  Length: 300mm.  Used to extend those very short fan cables to make running behind the motherboard tray neat and tidy.

molex to 2 SATA individual sleeved cable. Length: 200mm.  Ever run out of SATA power?  Here’s your answer.  Used to provide 2 extra SATA power connections from one molex plug.

24-pin M/B individual sleeved extension cable.  Length: 250mm.  Used to extend your main power supply cable to the motherboard

8-pin M/B individual sleeved extension cable. Length 250mm.  Can be used to extend your 8-pin PCI express video card power cable.

6 to 8-pin video card individual sleeved adapter.  Length 150mm.  Can be used to make your 6 pin PCI express cable fit your 8 pin PCI express video card


NZXT has a full line of Premium Extension Cables to meet your every need.  Whether it is to clean up your case for that sleek professional look, or just to give you the extra length you need to plug in all your parts.

NZXT’s Premium Extension Cables are sleek, well made, and good on your wallet. 


  • Black goes with anything!
  • Individual nylon sleeved wires go where you want them to go.


  • None


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