Poser 8 Software Review

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:vlxCaFu-7wJJiM:http://poser8.smithmicro.com/dr/images/poser8_v1_11.jpg3D models are EVERYWHERE these days! If you’ve used the self-checkout at your local Wal-mart you’ve no doubt seen the 3D models that show you how to use the machine. If you are a gym member then you see the 3D models showing you how to use different weight machines. 3D models have become so commonplace because they are cost-effective, time saving, and easier to direct than regular models. They never get tired, reschedule, or complain because their water isn’t the appropriate temperature. But all these models have to come from somewhere, consider Poser 8 the “America’s Next Top Model” of the 3D world.

Product by: SmithMicro Software
Price: $249.99 New/ $129.99 Upgrade

Closer Look



  • Generate new characters from your facial photographs.
  • Add hair and clothing.
  • Dress Poser’s virtual stage with props, lights and cameras to construct 3D scenes.
  • Automatically generate walking or running animations and talking characters.
  • Import motion capture files for even more animated realism.
  • Animate lights and cameras, and then render your scene into photorealistic images and video for web, print, and film projects.
  • Export 3D figures to add characters to other 3D applications.


I honestly felt somewhat misplaced in this review. I never have nor do I think I will ever need to work with 3D models. But after using Poser 8 I realized just how easy it is! And if it’s easy for me to accomplish simple poses, then an experienced professional could make absolute masterpieces with it. The controls are simple and intuitive, customization options plentiful, and the possibilities are endless. Though I didn’t particularly appreciate the somewhat racist control options for your charachter (less or more African, less or more East Asian, etc.).

If you are a beginner, experienced, or professional 3D modeler then Poser 8 has my one hundred percent seal of approval. It’s customization options, features, and sheer ease of use make it a very compelling piece of software.
•    Lot’s of built in poses
•    Excellent lighting effects.
•    Realistic movements and positioning
•    Various options to customize the look of your model
•    Almost infinite amount of community made cloths, models, etc
•    Easy to use

•    Not for everyone

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