Printshop 2.0 Professional Software Review

While we attended CES 2010 we were introduced and managed to get our hands on a few copies of some very interesting software that can make both large and small design projects quickly, easily, and with professional results.  Print Shop 2.0 is great for both home and office use. In just minutes you can create things such as business cards to large banners, or greeting cards to calendars. Simply put this was a great find and I look forward to taking a closer look and seeing everything that this program has to offer:


Product Provided By: Broderbund


Closer Look:

Overview of Print Shop 2.0

The All New Print Shop 2.0 will be released on 1/15/2010

The All New Way to Create Sophisticated Design

All New

Compatible with Windows® 7
(Note: The SmartDownload version is not compatible
with Windows® Vista 64-bit or Windows® 7.)

It’s easier than ever before to create impressive print
projects for your business & home needs in minutes. Start
from scratch with the brand new Wizard Design tool or
choose from an enormous gallery of ready-made
templates for a variety of projects to… Design Impressive,

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Greeting Cards
  • Invitations
  • Photo Projects
  • Mailing Labels
  • Newsletters
  • CD/DVD Labels
  • Posters & Flyers
  • Stationery Sets
  • Resumes
  • & More!

Ultimate Design Solution

Make your project impressive with the
ultimate design toolkit by adding images from
a vast gallery of images and clip art. Make
your design unique by adding your photos to
the drag and drop library, and use the
premium design, text, image and photo
editing tools. The extensive list of features

Create a Project

  • Wizard Design Tools
  • Design from Scratch
  • Personalize Ready-Made Projects
  • Calendar Tools
  • Custom Paper Stock
  • Mail Merge

Design Tools

  • Shadows, Gradients & Transparency
  • Create Headlines
  • Easily Import Images
  • Image Tagging
  • Text Flow
  • Guides
  • Edit Shapes
  • Color Palettes
  • Precision Controls
  • Eye Dropper Tool
  • Dynamic Gradients
  • Layer Management
  • Page Numbering

Imaging Tools

  • Vector Image Editing
  • Image Tagging
  • One-click Photo Editing
  • Easy Photo Editing
  • Advanced Photo Editing

The new Print Shop makes it so easy to design, print and share designer-quality work, yourself!

The Ultimate Design Toolkit
Powerful Photo Editing Tools


In the end I found that this was an extremely useful tool. While it may not have the full control over photos that you would from say Adobe Photoshop, it came closer than I would have expected. At first I thought that this was just a simple little program to help you create simple projects and add a little clip art here and there. However the more I worked with The Print Shop 2.0 I realized that I was greatly mistaken and that this really is an in depth, professional piece of software that can make even the toughest of jobs a breeze.

For an example at work I was having a difficult time setting up just the template for a small brochure. With The Print Shop 2.0 not only did it make the setup a easy but it allowed me to make changes to the pictures that I had taken for said brochure without ever having to leave the program. This was just one of the many projects that I had created using this software, and don’t worry after the second I started trying to convince the company that I work for to buy their own copy of this great software.

So in the end would I recommend this product? Well if you actually sat and read all this then you must have some form of interest in this product. If you are looking at this and wanting this for either a home business or work then I would say that The Print Shop 2.0 Professional would be a great product to add to your company’s collection of programs. If this is more for personal home use that would be more aimed at B-day parties, anniversaries, wedding or what have you then I might suggest the deluxe model. From what I could find the only real difference between Print Shop 2.0 Pro and Deluxe is the fact that the professional edition has more options when it comes to features such as picture editing and so on.

So in conclusion, for those out there looking for a way to make quick and easy projects for their friends, families, and schools I would suggest you consider getting a copy of The Print Shop 2.0 Deluxe Edition.  For those out there looking for something with more options and more custom ability then I would strongly suggest picking up a copy of The Print Shop 2.0. With this great program you can turn projects that may take hours into minutes and ensure that it will look top shelf at the same time.


  • Incredibly quick and easy to use
  • Takes minutes and almost no training to figure out most functions
  • Turns hour long projects into minutes, even with advanced projects
  • Great custom ability while designing anything in the program
  • Reasonably priced considering everything it can do


  • Really can’t think of a down

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