SilenX Extreme Effizio Silent CPU Cooler Review we will be taking a look at the SilenX Extreme Effizio Silent CPU Cooler. At first I was a bit skeptical looking at this cooler; it seemed as though it was very basic and, really, the only interesting feature was the 5 cooling pipes. I didn’t think it was going to be as quiet as it was, if you’re like me and really don’t get decibel ratings, just blow softly out of your mouth and that’s about what you’ll hear from this cooler. When taking a closer look we saw this was no basic cooler, this thing beat out all other coolers in its price range not to mention how quiet it was. Overall this is a great cooler no matter what you’re doing; whether it be overclocking, gaming, video editing, or just a PC enthusiast. So let’s get right in and do some testing.




Provided by: SilenX
Price: TBA

Closer Look:

Specs and Features:

SKU:  EFZ-120HA4

Rated DBA:  8-28

Dimensions: 105x131x153mm

Base material:  Copper Heatpipes, Aluminum Plates fin material Aluminum Fins

Weight: 836g

RPM: 800-2000

CFM: 34-102

Current draw: <0.36A

Power Consumption: <4.32w

Bearings: FDB, fluid dynamic bearings

CPU Compatibility: Socket LGA775, LGA1156, LGA1366, 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM2+, AM3

The Effizio comes with a 120mm fan with fluid dynamic bearings; hardware for second fan installation is already included. Installation typically takes under 10 minutes and it does not require the use of any other tools other than what is needed to remove your current motherboard. Also, the Effizio also comes with a three year warranty.


Testing Setup:

    * AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
    * Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler
    * Crucial DDR3 PC3 16000 2 x 1 GB
    * Thermaltake 650W PSU
    * Cooler Master HAF Special: AMD
    * ATI Radeon 5570
    * Western Digital 1TB HDD
    * Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Edition


I am going to be running my tests at an ambient room temperature of 20°C. I will be running both a load and idle test for each cooler. The Effizio will be going up against the Akasa Nero S.



SilenX Effizio


Akasa Nero S







CPU :3.4GHz

38 C

32 C

43 C

33 C

CPU: 3.6GHz

39 C

34 C

43 C

34 C


Overall, I was quite happy with the SilenX Extreme Effizio CPU Cooler’s performance. It performed much better than the Nero S. For a budget PC enthusiast I would say this cooler is a great choice. Although, if you are a die-hard overclocker or someone who really pushes their computer past the limits, I would not recommend this cooler. Only because it is more for the consumer buyer and not for the big league computer expert.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, so far this is the very first SilenX cooler we have seen and it has been great.  The performance it displays in cooling make it a great choice for most gamers and enthusiasts.



  • Very Quiet
  • Great Design
  • Good Temperatures
  • Heat Pipes work well
  • Supports many CPU’s
  • Comes with Fan Speed Controller


  • Awkward Heat Sink, and Fan mounting

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